The Seat

Technical Specification

The seats can be either used as the solid base to mount wheels to, or can be attached onto the current plastic/composite /wooden base platform by means of velcro.

Rowers will need to adjust their rowing position by adjusting rowlocks and oar hand position to accommodate the extra height of the Icon seat.

The base of the seat comprises of a solid timber base, allowing safe and secure fixing to your rowing rollers and support unit.

We have increased the length of a standard rowing seat base to provide more support under the thighs, this has been designed to reduce the point loading onto the bottom, allowing the thighs/hamstrings to offer some additional weight bearing support.

The rear of the seat has built in raised sections to help the rower locate the optimum seating position. This also provides extra grip and stability in difficult rowing conditions.

The construction of the rowing seat includes 3 varieties of Icon developed cellular contour foam, a layer of rebound rubber and 2 special types of robust fabric stiffeners, plus other unique items within the design. 

The leather outer covering is a Grade A,  Icon Rowing selected premium leather hide, which is fire retardant and double thickness. This will provide a more durable outer. In the unlikely event if one leather skin fails, then we have a second to fall back on. The leather also is double skinned to hold the inner materials securely in place.

The stitching is all in marine quality waterproof nylon, triple stitched with internal waterproof webbing and stainless steel staples on the underside.

The Icon Label on the exterior is embroidered on reflective tape which helps you locate the seat at night time.

Each Icon Rowing seat is completely hand made to order and colours may vary.

The total weight of the complete Icon rowing seat is approximately 1100 grams (1.1 kilos).



The cost of the Icon Rowing seat is £300 plus VAT where applicable. Packing and delivery is charged at £15.00 plus VAT for UK mainland and international shipping prices are available on request.

Discounts are available for multiple orders.


We can also accepts cheques made payable to Icon F1 Ltd:

Icon F1 Limited
Fosse Way
Nottinghamshire NG24 4SP

We can also take payments over the phone:  +44(0)844 808 2568

Icon Rowing Seat cover

We have now developed a waterproof, breathable seat cover for the Icon Rowing Seat. Designed to protect the leather during the inevitable storms, they are also ideal for those hygiene conscious rowers sharing a rowing position. The covers are made of an anti-tear waterproof breathable material and incorporate a soft microfibre seat pad area perfect for direct contact with the skin. These covers are priced at £34.95 plus VAT. Colours may vary to what is shown in the photo.

Icon Lifeline

The team at Icon have now designed and manufactured the Icon Lifeline. This is a safety line attaching the rower to their boat. A must for the solo rower in the unfortunate event of a capsize. The Icon Lifeline is specially designed that it will unfurl as needed with no chance of the safety line getting tangled. Please contact us for further details. 

Icon Rowing Aftercare Service

Your Icon Rowing seat has been designed to withstand the ocean's gruelling elements, but we do understand that nothing lasts forever. That's why we offer an aftercare service for your Icon Ocean Rowing seat.

The ocean will batter both your body and your equipment. Therefore once you have finished your row, send your seat back to Icon Rowing, and we can refurbish it where needed, and upgrade your seat to include any latest manufacturing designs and improvements that our design team may have effected since your initial purchase.

Prices for this service will vary depending on your requirements, but contact us for further details.

Shipping your boat enquiries

Have you arranged your shipping company for your boat yet? We have excellent connections with freight and packing companies.

We can liaise with our packing companies to design and manufacture cradles as necessary ensuring safe transportation. We use standard shipping containers which are fully approved by Shipping Lines. The cradles also provide optimum stowage of pairs-boats within the container (2-in-1) resulting in reduced transportation costs.

+44 (0)1636 610666 or email 

Make sure you mention ‘Icon Rowing’ to ensure you get the best deal.


'Icon seats are the best thing that has happened to ocean rowing since oars, boats and the will to row oceans. Best money we ever spent'

Leven Brown, Ocean Row Events