Icon Lifeline

Technical Specification

Following the success of the seats, the team at Icon have designed a safety line for rowers. We realised that there was nothing currently available specifically for Ocean Rowers, meaning surfboard leashes or ropes were used.

A standard surfboard leash will only have a 10ft length. In the event of a capsize on rough seas,10ft is just not long enough. This could possibly result in a broken  limb as your projection from the boat is suddenly halted when the leash has run out of length. Even on a calmer sea you may find that if you are capsized, a small leash can get itself tangled around equipment on the boat leaving the rower trapped under water.

The Icon Lifeline is different to a normal leash as it gives 40m (approx 130ft) of floating line which is designed to unfurl gradually as necessary. This will then let you have a natural landing into the water if on a rough sea and will not get tangled as the line unfurls gradually. You can then swim back to you boat, or allows your rowing partner to pull you back in. Often in rough seas you can lose sight of your boat too as the waves can be that high hiding sight of your boat. The Icon lifeline will guide you back to your boat.

The Lifeline consists of a capsule containing the 40m floating safety line. This is contained in a secure holder which is mounted onto your boat. The line is then attached to the leash which will attach to the rower around their ankle. This leash will not restrict the movement of the rower on the slide. 

The Icon Lifeline has been designed by Ocean Rowers and only available through Icon Rowing. Many thanks to Mick Dawson for his support with the Icon Lifeline!

The lifeline comes in 2 options:-

Standard - bottom opening holder for capsule replacement. (As pictured with Mick Dawson)

Professional - Smaller and lighter top opening holder for easier and quicker capsule replacement. Also comes with a spare capsule. (As

pictured fitted to one of the boats for the start of the Atlantic Challenge 2013 race. 



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