About Us

Icon Rowing is part of the Icon brand founded by Andrew Morris. To date the Icon brand is a range of high end bespoke products all created around Andrew’s passions outside of his normal hectic business life.

With 25 years experience in the freight industry, owning a successful International shipping group has never kept the entrepreneur in Andrew occupied enough. With a love of motor racing and rowing, he has brought together his design skills, ambition and drive to create what now is the Icon brand.

Icon Rowing came about from Andrew rowing the Atlantic in 2005 and hence experiencing first hand the misery and discomfort that ocean rowers have to go through day in day out.
Therefore after the successful row he has gone on to research and produce the Icon Ocean Rowing Seat.

With his love of motor sports, his sporting hero being the late Barry Sheene and too much time sat on the ocean with a sore bottom, Andrew decided that he should design and build a motorcycle in tribute to Barry. This dream became reality and the Icon Sheene was born. This is one of the world’s most expensive and desired motorcycles. The Icon Sheene has been a collaboration of the entire Barry Sheene family and all the engineers, designers and associated who were with Barry during his racing career when he became the F1 Double World Motorcycle Champion.

Being keen motorsport fans, Icon F1 also owns and races a Lotus F1 car. Along with a fleet of rare exotic cars this is offered for hire through Icon F1. Not only does Icon have rare and exotic cars for hire, there is also the Icon Experiences’s ex Jenson Button million dollar motorhome for hire. Available with driver and full 24hr support team and full concierge service also.

With the designing of the Icon Motorcycle, Andrew really got involved in the ergonomics and details of design, whilst the Icon Sheene is a top end exquisite piece of art, it’s the finest attention to detail for those that demand the best and where a compromise for speed, style and quality are not compromised at all. Not satisfied with just designing a motorbike, currently in production is the Icon 9. A Porsche with a whole lot more . . .

As with the entire Icon brand, Andrew strives to make the best even better. Whether it’s designing an ocean rowing seat that gives you a comfy bottom or an ultimate Porsche, it will become an Icon.